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one-on-one | Small group ACT prep Classes | Online ACT PREP

Customized, targeted, individualized ACT PREP for your son or daughter

2 Teachers - Guaranteed Expertise in every Subject

Multiple solution approaches, detailed comprehensive concept instruction from the ACT. org and Barron's workbooks to solve each incorrectly answered question in Practice Tests, sample problems, & drills.


Enriched learning experience & thorough review of concepts enables students to achieve higher ACT test scores. Valuable test taking strategies in each subject area are taught and rehearsed.



Here's What You Can Expect from our ACT PREP

Comprehensive & Customized | 2 Teachers

• Guaranteed Subject Expertise - 2 Expert Instructors

• Instructors Immersed in Test Prep Experience - 1,000 Hrs+ each school year

• Interactive SMART BOARD for Enhanced Viewing of Problems

• 3 (Actual, but retired ACT Practice Tests) Practice Tests

ACT_PREP_Naperville_Tutoring The Official ACT PREP GUIDE 2016- 2017

• Everything you need to know about the 2016-2017 ACT test, with real full-length practice tests from the makers of the ACT!

• Comprehensive diagnosis in each subject area & all practice tests throughout course

• Subject Tutoring & Strategies in 4 Subject Areas

• Concept Instruction & Problem Solutions to each question missed on a Practice Test | Review of Core Subject Concepts

• Customized Test PREP | Instruction of concepts targeted to problems you got wrong or guessed on

• High participation from all students in our learning environment

• Engaged Students | Strong Student Participation & Rehearsal of all Strategies

• Subject Area Test & Type - Cast Question Strategies


• SUMMIT TEST PREP SYLLABUS ™| Proven tool to boost your test scores| Diagnostic to define strengths & weaknesses

- Syllabus Feedback: Students move 2-3 points up after completion of SUMMIT Test PREP Syllabus™

• Enriched by Barron's Workbooks - Proven Success on difficult ACT Test Problems

• Math & Science | Barron's PREP | Subject Concept & Review, Drills, & Strategies
pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, & trig

Here's a sample Intermediate Algebra problem similar to one you may get on the ACT Test.

English & Reading | Barron's PREP | Subject Concept & Review, Drills, & Strategies

• Continuous Tracking and Assessment of Progress at every Tutoring Session

• Strengthening of Weaker Subject Areas to Maximize Improvement

• 9 sessions | 2 Hours Each | 18 hours | Approximately 4 1/2 weeks

• Tests are self-proctored to Maximize Individualized Tutoring Time.

Improvement in All Subject Areas | Reach for 36 ™


ACT PREP classes focused on helping students with instruction differentiated by academic levels. Students come with different levels of experience and test pacing. We consider your GPA, ACT & ACT Practice or Actual Test Score. Courses offered maximize effectiveness of ACT PREP, while accommodating those differences.


Tests are self-proctored by students; sometimes a parent helps to time the first test to maximize tutoring time. Your investment is spent on instruction and not spent on paying us to watch a clock. (Naperville library on 95th offers reserved rooms for a more formalized testing environment. They also offer proctoring assistance for a small charge.)


• Affordable ACT PREP

• Over 30 years in tutoring serving Naperville area and surrounding schools

Are You Prepared for the ACT Test?

Are You Ready to Score Your Best on the ACT | REACH FOR 36 ™

By learning at your own pace, you can fully master each concept and skill.

We see major changes in the ACT scores after multiple practice tests! | Reach Your Best ACT Test Score!

We are honored to help wonderful families and their sons and daughters.

Parents are excited about good news of their son's or daughter's University Admittance and Scholarship opportunities.

The following test results reflect improvement in student's actual ACT composite scores. 2 - 9 points up were achieved by students who prepared for the ACT Test.

32-35, 24-27, 24-27, 27-32, 23-26, 17-22, 27-31, 22-31, 29-31, 32-34, 27-29, 22-29, 24-29, 26-33, 28-33, 29-32, 21-25, 28-34, 25-31, 27-29, 29-30, 26-30, 26-30, 26-31, 25-30, 17-24, 16-22, 30-32, 29-31, 21-26, 20-25, 20-26, 23-25, 27-30, 22-24, 29-31, 22-30, 24-27, 28-32, 26-34, 32-34, 22-30, 24-28, 26-29, 26-30, 16-24, 18-23, 29-32, 28-32, 19-23, 20-24, 20-25, 30-33 SuperScore, 25-27, 24-26, 30-32

Naperville Tutoring's customized ACT PREP approach will enable you to attain your BEST ACT SCORE.


We offer SKYPE or FaceTime for SUMMIT ACT PREP ™ or One-on-One ACT PREP sessions.

See what some Naperville students and parents are saying about our tutoring services


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customized Test Prep

Comprehensive ACT Test Preparation To Raise Your ACT Score


At Naperville Tutoring, ACT Test results are giving Naperville area
high school and out-of-state students many options
for the universities of their choice.

Many student's families tell us they receive direct admittance
to the college, along with notable academic scholarships.
Scholarships awarded really helps parents,
their son or daughter, significantly
reducing the cost of a excellent University education.

Naperville Tutoring | ACT PREP | SUMMIT ACT PREP | ACT UP ™

Comprehensive ACT Test PREP To Raise Your ACT Score

ACT PREP Small Group Class Offerings

Classes begin Sept 19 & 20, 2017 | Preparing for Oct 28, 2017 ACT Test

Classes begin Oct 31 & Nov 1, 2017 | Preparing for Dec 9, 2017 ACT Test

Classes begin Dec 12 & 13, 2017 | Preparing for Feb 10, 2018 ACT Test

Classes begin April 28, 2018 | Preparing for June 9, 2018 ACT Test

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Wheaton North High School,
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Ottawa High School, Oswego High School &
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SUMMIT ACT PREP | ACT Test Results | 7 Points Up | 27 to 34

I love the environment here; I always feel welcome and comfortable. It's very evident that you are both extremely knowledgeable and experienced with what you do . Even though I was busy and had other work to do, you both always pushed me to not accept anything less than my very best. Thank you both so much for this experience; I owe my success and progress to you.
C.H. | Student | Naperville North High School

C hit her goal of 34! We are very proud of her.
A.F. | Mom | Naperville North High School

Small Group ACT PREP Class | ACT Test Results | 5 Points Up | 20 to 25
M.W. | Student | Wabonsie Valley High School

One-on-One ACT PREP | ACT Test Results | 5 Points Up | 19 to 24

I would whole heartedly recommend Naperville Tutoring for ACT Tutoring. I found them to be very knowledgeable about all the subjects while honing in on my weaker areas. I enjoyed tutoring in their home and found it to be clean, professional, and quiet. By working with Paul and Joan, my ACT score improved 4.50 points. With hard work and dedication in athletics, academic studies, and ACT tutoring, I received an academic and athletic scholarship. The money to invest in learning how to take the ACT Test is worth it!
WJM | Student | Oswego High School

Small Group ACT PREP Class | ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 20 to 24
W.B. | Student | Neuqua Valley High School

Small Group ACT PREP Class | Straddle Approach | ACT Test Results | 8 Points Up | 16 to 24

I just wanted to happily let you guys know that I got a 24 on my latest ACT ...that's 4 points higher than my last! I felt this class helped me understand techniques to use during the ACT test. It helped me improve my time management during the tests. I feel that when I took the ACT Test, it was a lot easier than the ACT Practice Test . All in all, I surprisingly had fun during ACT PREP! The Barrons books were difficult, but helpful. I definitely like the ACT Real PREP Book though. Thank you! I would like to proudly inform you both that I was admitted to my reach school, Loyola University! This was a dream school and I truthfully thought I would’t be able to get in but I made it!I just wanted to thank you guys because without you I would not be at this point, so thank you!
Y. P. | Student | Naperville North High School

You and Paul have really made a dramatic impact on Y!
B.P. | Mom | Naperville North High School

One-on-One ACT PREP | ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 18 to 22

Hi Mr and Mrs Kaliher, How are you guys doing? I just wanted to let you know that I did take the Act Test and I did receive a 22! YAY!
T. S. | Student | Neuqua Valley High School

Small Group ACT PREP Class | ACT Test Results | 6 Points Up | 18 to 24

I wanted to let you know that M achieved her goal of 24 on her latest ACT! I do not believe she will be taking it again, as she is satisfied with this score and believes it is good enough to get her into her first choice of schools, UW - La Crosse. Thanks for your help with M. I definitely think it made a difference in helping her achieve her goal. Thank you.
J.W. | Mom | Naperville Central High School

Small Group ACT PREP Class | Straddle Approach | ACT Test Results | 3 Points Up | 24 to 27

The great part of this class is that it really puts you into that ACT testing mode. I know that the more practice I do, the better I will be at recognizing the questions and answering them faster. I thought it was also great that you guys knew what I was good at and what I needed help with. You both took the time to help me improve in all areas. Thank you!
M. C. | Naperville North High School

Wanted to let you know that M is moving in the right direction. She recently found out that she got a 27. Thank you for all your help!
L. C. | Mom | Naperville North High School

Small Group ACT PREP Class | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 30 to 32

Over the course of this month, I feel I've picked up many useful strategies and tactics to understand and excel on the ACT Test. In questions I got wrong, I received In-depth analysis of individual questions and basic rules to follow (such as choosing the concise answer on the English portion), This class has given me a better grasp than a high school course would have.
J. C. | Student | Metea Valley High School 32 Composite, 32 English, 29 Math , 32 Reading & 33 Science. Northwestern added to the list of schools along with U. of Illinois. Thank you.
H.S. | Mom | Metea Valley High School

Small Group ACT PREP Class | ACT Test Results | 30

I would definitely say that this tutoring class helped me improve on my ACT scores and it is evident in the scores I received. A steady increase from a 28 to a 33 over 5 practice tests really shows how my skills progress. I would certainly note that the small class size and closeness of the tutoring helped me to excel than an average size classroom. Thanks for the help!
P. M. | Student | Metea Valley High School

One-on-One ACT PREP | ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 29 to 31 | Super Scored 33

We are delighted with the tutoring our daughter received from Naperville Tutoring. Joan and Paul were committed, knowledgeable, and very resourceful. After each session, her confidence soared and her scores improved. As a parent that is what you want to see, I would recommend their services to anyone!
T. C. | Mom | Metea Valley High School

I attended the Naperville Tutoring One-on-One private ACT PREP sessions simply hoping to improve my score. I was not sure where to begin, but with their help, I learned how to see and respond to problems differently. Throughout the sessions, we targeted my weaknesses and further improved my strengths. The sessions themselves revolve around active participation by working out missed or confusing problems or simply asking questions, which allow me to really understand and apply it later. By the end of the sessions, I not only increased my score, but also gained an immeasurable amount of confidence. I was able to walk into the test, truly believing I could succeed. Super scored a 33, so that's really good because a lot of my colleges take the highest from all tests.

After months of heavy deliberation, I've decided to attend the University of Chicago and I'm really excited. It was great working with you guys and I wish you continued success in your business.
L. C. | Student | Metea Valley High School

SUMMIT ACT PREP | ACT Test Results | 2 Points Up | 30 to 32

Naperville Tutoring has brought my ACT score so much higher than I had anticipated coming from 2 previous ACT prep classes. I feel so much more prepared after 2 weeks with Naperville Tutoring than from former months of ACT PREP practice. The 2 teachers on 1 student structure truly pushed me to work harder than ever and the work is paying off. By exposing me to so many different kinds of problems and giving me new tips and tricks, I know I am ready for test day.
C. S. | Student | Naperville North High School

One-on-One ACT PREP | ACT Test Results | 4 Points Up | 23 to 27

As A. gets ready to sign her National Letter of Intent (NLI) tomorrow to play Division I college hockey on a full ride, she owes thanks to all of the great coaches that have helped her achieve her goals. You guys are among those great coaches.

When we came to you, A. was heavily recruited and had offers from a number of NCAA DI schools including some Ivies. You guys sat down with us and developed a unique game plan that fit her demanding travel schedule. You designed practices for her and coached her to master her skills and technique. After watching her take early practice ACT tests on the road, I could not have imagined the calm confidence that she displayed before and after the official test. By “game” day, you had converted a nervous wreck into a confident test taker.

With your help, the hard work paid off. A. achieved personal bests in all subject areas and raised her composite score by 4 points overall. By doing so, she had achieved the ACT score necessary to attend any of the schools that were recruiting her - even those in the Ivy League.
Again, thank you for being great coaches!
M.C. | Dad | Waubonsie Valley High School

(A note from Naperville Tutoring: We know this father & daughter were generous in going forward with our ACT PREP. When A. received the good news of a full-ride athletic scholarship to Mankato, they still made an ACT PREP investment to help other students who might qualify for scholarship assistance. How generous A.C. and Mr. M.C.)

One-on-One ACT PREP | Straddled ACT PREP | 2 ACT Tests | 4 Points Up | 27 to 31

I don't know if M replied or not. She got a composite score of 31 on the April test. She was very excited, as were her mother and I. She plans to take the test again on June 8th. Without any pressure on her having the 31 in hand, she hopes she can improve just one more point. Her decision to go for it, not ours. My wife and I thank you for helping her. While it seems expensive when writing the check, the merit award scholarship money a score of 31 provides along with her GPA and other activities, puts her well on her way to getting a great education, and without a mountain of debt when she is done. Thank you.
B.R. | Dad | Plainfield North High School

Help for Your ACT Test

We are honored & proud to serve Naperville area students ACT and SAT PREP. Naperville Tutoring is delighted to see many ACT Composite score gains: Our average gain we see on the ACT Test is usually 3 to 8 points up. The scores reflected are those that Naperville Tutoring has been made aware of by our students, moms or dads sharing their proud results.

We hope this information will be helpful in considering Naperville Tutoring for your son's or daughter's SAT or ACT PREP. We welcome working with you!

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