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should you take the sat test or the act test . . . or (heaven forbid) both?

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In many ways the new SAT and the ACT are now similar to each other. But, there are some significant differences you should be aware of before you decide which test to take







Here are some thoughts to help you make that decision

Take the SAT if

• Your college major (career path) does not require an emphasis on science and math - typically business, education, journalism or other liberal arts degrees.

• You are very skilled in reading and english, but not as skilled in math, scientific data analysis & analytical reasoning.

• You are better at solving math story problems that have practical applications than you are at solving straightforward algebra, trigonometry, or especially geometry problems. The ACT Test has more geometry problems than the SAT.

• You can’t remember math formulas. The SAT provides most of the necessary formulas.

• You are comfortable solving math problems without a calculator and with a calculator

• You have a large vocabulary and are able to determine meanings of words based on the context in which they are used.

• Your chosen colleges or universities prefer the SAT All universities accept either the SAT or the ACT for admissions decisions.

• You need more time to answer questions and solve problems, You feel test anxiety when put under pressure to answer questions quickly.

ACT_PREP_Naperville_TutoringNaperville_TutoringTake the ACT if

• Your college major (career path) requires an emphasis on science and math - typically engineering, math, medicine, chemistry, physics, etc.

• You are very skilled in math, scientific data analysis and analytical reasoning. You are not as skilled in reading and english. Or, you are equally skilled in all four subjects.

• You are better at solving straightforward algebra, geometry, or trigonometry problems than you are at solving math story problems.

• You remember most math formulas.

• You rely on, or much prefer, using your calculator to solve math problems.

• You do not have a large vocabulary.

• Your chosen colleges or universities prefer the ACT. All accept either the SAT or the ACT for admissions decisions.

• You are comfortable answering most questions and solving most problems quickly and don’t get test anxiety when you are under time pressure.

Best of luck with your decision on which test to take. You may want to take the SAT and the ACT tests to determine which test will be likely to result in a higher score. Then take another of the test that fits you best.

Whatever you decide, your score will be higher if you register for a small test prep class or one-on-one private tutoring to fully understand subject concepts and test-taking and time management strategies.

Contact Naperville Tutoring today for help in earning higher test scores, gaining admission to competitive colleges and universities, and getting scholarships.

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We see major changes in the SAT & ACT scores!

We are rewarded by calls and emails from parents and students regarding their SAT & ACT
Test Composite scores. We are excited to share our student's success comments.

We discuss the merits of both tests when you enroll for test preparation with Naperville Tutoring.

We offer consulting to help you choose the best test for your son or daughter.






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A significant savings for your son's or daughter's university education, coupled with a serious reduction of your education debt or student loan.

Is it possible that the return of your investment for a good SAT or ACT PREP service for your son or daughter can offer a 2,000+ % return? Yes, it is possible.

If you are wondering why your son's or daughter's SAT or ACT score should be raised, you may wish to read about the value of this high stakes test.

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