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We offer tutoring in the following subject areas, AP & Honors courses.

* Pre-Algebra
* Algebra

* General Math
* Geometry

* English
* Language Arts
* Reading
* Writing
* Biology
* Chemistry 
* Earth Science
* Physics
* US History
* World Cultures 
* Study Skills

We welcome students who require help with Pre-Algebra critical concepts such as evaluation of expressions, linear equations, graphs, slopes, proportions, distributive, associative and commutative properties, etc.

In Algebra, we tutor high school students on concepts which may include coordinate systems, real and irrational numbers, logarithms, polynomials and radicals, etc. Subject tutoring may also involve exponent and logarithm as a function of power, probability and statistics. These are only a few of the concepts required for a solid math foundation in the Naperville middle and high schools.

Students taking geometry will experience visual use of their brains with rectangles, squares, rhombi, trapezoids, polygons, cylinders, parallelograms and circle theorems. Because geometry is linear and 3D, they will study similar segments, surface areas and volumes of shapes. Using the famous trigonometry acronym "SOH-CAH-TOA" helps in remembering the formulas associated with Sine, Cosine and Tangent Laws. A 3D coordinate system using vectors, mapping, graphing, translation and rotation are all part of the high school student's learning experience.

Connecting concepts to real-world-applications to deepen the student's insight and understanding is our mission.

To inquire about our services and schedule your sessions please call at 630.416.6843. Contact us for your son's or daughter's tutoring and Release Your Child's Potential

Achieve Full Academic potential

Naperville Tutoring Services help students achieve their full academic potential by providing targeted and customized tutoring to achieve good & excellent academic performance. We have a passion to encourage all students to reach their highest potential and become lifelong learners.

We know how to improve your son or daughter's progress and success in any given class.

We build on the math concepts taught in the classroom. In the demanding pace of middle and high school, students need to quickly understand algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics concepts and problems to maintain their confidence.

A mastery of math concepts is required for college placements and in preparation for the SAT and ACT test. University admissions look at your child's math GPA in addition to their ACT or SAT test scores when considering admittance.

Study skills

Because Study Skills are essential for enabling middle school and high school students to further excel, Naperville Tutoring weaves important tips automatically into their sessions. Included are tips for note taking, time management, organizational skills, techniques for retention of difficult reading and subject recall, along with tips for exam skills. Removing the intimidation factor from test taking can give students increased confidence. Good study skills mean higher student motivation which results in greater academic success. Learning good study skills is not only helpful in middle school and high school, but can give your child effective strategies for future college and university success.

Success in learning leads to higher GPA scores and better opportunities for scholarships. Our goal is to give your son or daughter the tools for a competitive edge during middle and high school years.

See what some Naperville Area students and parents are saying about our tutoring services.


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customized Test Prep


Naperville Tutoring offers Comprehensive



We believe our ACT & SAT test results are giving Naperville area high school and out-of-state students more options for the universities of their choice. For many students, we hear about direct admittance to the college, along with significant academic scholarships. When scholarships are awarded to help assist parents and their son or daughter, they can significally reduce the cost of a excellent University education. 



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We are honored to serve Naperville area middle Schools, Naperville Central High School & Naperville North High School in Naperville Community Unit School District 203; Metea Valley High School, Neuqua Valley High School, & Waubonsie Valley High School in Indian Prairie School District 204; Benet Academy, Joliet Catholic High School, Montini Catholic High School,
St. Francis High School, ,


Xavier College Prep High School, Palm Desert, CA, Downers Grove South and North High Schools, Lisle, North, Central, South Plainfield, North Plainfield, East Plainfield, North Willowbrook High School, Somonauk High School, Ottawa, Oswego, Wheaton Academy & Wheaton North High Schools.
Students from all schools in the U.S. are welcome. 

We offer SKYPE & FaceTime tutoring for online instruction.


SUMMIT ACT PREP | SKYPED | One-on-One | ACT Test Results | 32 to 34 | 2 Points Up

J earned a 34 on his most recent ACT. The increase was clearly achieved through your help by increasing his Math score from a 28 to a 33 (Eng 35, Math 33, Reading 31, Science 36). The guidance and support you provided has been essential to his success. Thank you.

I thought you would enjoy knowing that J has been accepted to both Air Force Academy and to Yale. He also applied to Annapolis, and has not yet heard back, so no rejections! I believe he is going to attend Yale on an ROTC scholarship. Thank you for being an essential part of making that happen for him.
M L | Dad of Xavier College Prep High School| son, Rancho Mirage, CA

J L | Student | Xavier College Prep High School, Palm Desert, CA | Sophomore Achieved ACT Composite 32 | Junior Achieved ACT Composite 34

Small Group ACT PREP Class | Straddle Approach | ACT Test Results | 5 Points Up | 18 to 23

The class helped a lot. I saw my score increase and pacing my time became easier. I learned test-taking tips I didn’t know before that helped me save time. The Barron’s was hard, but definitely helped on the ACT practice tests. I feel a lot more confident on taking the actual test now. Thank You!

S. A . | Naperville North High School
Small Group ACT PREP Class | Straddle Approach | ACT Test Results | 8 Points Up | 16 to 24
I just wanted to happily let you guys know that I got a 24 on my latest ACT ...that's 4 points higher than my last!

I felt this class helped me understand techniques to use during the ACT test. It helped me improve my time management during the tests. I feel that when I took the ACT Test, it was a lot easier than the ACT Practice Test . All in all, I surprisingly had fun during ACT PREP! The Barron’s books were difficult, but helpful. I definitely like the ACT Real PREP Book though. Thank you!
Hello Mr. and Mrs. K! I would like to proudly inform you both that I was admitted to my reach school, Loyola University! This was a dream school and I truthfully thought I wouldn’t be able to get in but I made it!I just wanted to thank you guys because without you I wouldn’t be at this point, so thank you! It’s a 90% chance that I will commit but I still have UIC to visit.
Y. P. | Student | Naperville North High School
You and Paul have really made a dramatic impact on Y!<> B.P. | Mom | Naperville North High School

One-on-One ACT PREP | Straddled ACT PREP | 2 ACT Tests | 4 Points Up | 27 to 31

I don't know if M replied or not. She got a composite score of 31 on the April test. She was very excited, as were her mother and I. She plans to take the test again on June 8th. Without any pressure on her having the 31 in hand, she hopes she can improve just one more point. Her decision to go for it, not ours. My wife and I thank you for helping her. While it seems expensive when writing the check, the merit award scholarship money a score of 31 provides along with her GPA and other activities, puts her well on her way to getting a great education, and without a mountain of debt when she is done. Thank you.
B.R. | Dad | Plainfield North High School

Small Group ACT PREP Class | Straddle Approach | ACT Test Results | 3 Points Up | 24 to 27

The great part of this class is that it really puts you into that ACT testing mode. I know that the more practice I do, the better I will be at recognizing the questions and answering them faster. I thought it was also great that you guys knew what I was good at and what I needed help with. You both took the time to help me improve in all areas. Thank you!

M. C. | Naperville North High School

Wanted to let you know that M is moving in the right direction. She recently found out that she got a 27. Thank you for all your help!

L. C. | Mom | Naperville North High School

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